Pluto transits invariably bring secrets to light, and with both the Sun and Mercury squaring Pluto early this week, there have been few bigger scandals in 2017 than those involving the film mogul, Harvey Weinstein.

Harvey Weinstein

Details of his predatory behaviour toward scores of women, some of them huge stars, may not have come as a surprise to many in the film business, but such revelations have sent shockwaves across the globe.

I was not surprised to find that these Pluto transits intersected Weinstein’s natal chart. To be precise, Pluto is currently at the apex of a natal Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in opposition to a Saturn-Neptune conjunction. On such a configuration what goes around comes around.

Harvey Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein

We can trace much of his predatory, power-driven behaviour to his natal Mars-Pluto square. This was never a man to be bullied nor to be reasoned with. Only now, as he stands accused of gross indecency, rape, abuse of privilege, the loss of his wife, career and status does he sheepishly admit he needs help.

We can also point the finger at the total solar eclipse of 21st August (28 degrees Leo) falling on his nodal axis. Endings and beginnings, transformation and retribution are truly writ in these stars.

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16th Oct 2017 - 22nd Oct 2017

None of us will be able to see the new moon in Libra, but we may well notice its effect in terms of national and international events. This is no ordinary new moon: it is precisely opposed to Uranus, the bringer of surprises. I like to think of Uranus as The Awakener rather than The Revolutionary because destabilising as this planet may be, great and good things can come out of the developments it inspires.

Obstacles to progress could now be removed and ingenious solutions and scientific discoveries occur.Nonetheless, we are living in treacherous times with terror strikes a near daily occurrence across the world, so we cannot rule out another outrage or, on the positive side, discoveries that deny the fulfilment of a planned attack.Change is as good as a rest, they say, so at the very least we all should take the opportunity to do something completely different this week.


October 2017

Libra: It’s all systems go! With every personal planet in Libra, you have all you need to be a success and to charm and influence whomever you please. As for sitting on that famous fence – you’re having none of it…


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